0Various - Crippled Champions & The Crippled Bargain

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Genre: Misc
Doris Troy - Kill Them All!
Jerry Van Rooyen - The Great Bank Robbery
Huebler / Schwab - Dedicated To Love
Gert Wilden - Girl Faces
Teo Usuelli - Piacere Sequence
Peter Thomas - Danger Seeker
Peter Thomas - Thriller Me
Pierro Piccioni - Per Le Strade Di Roma
Gert Wilden - Rolf Torring
Jess Franco - Vander Of Terry
Jerry Van Rooyen - Sandow Office
Jerry Van Rooyen - Octodickie
Ubaldo Continello - Shit Sushi
Dandruff Deluxe - Hot Scene
Earthlings - Nothing
Lydia Lunch - Escape
Jonathan Fire*eater - The Search For Cherry Red
The Valentine 6 - Ghost Face
Plainfield - Family Affair
H. Oilers - Yo,Ho,Ho-The R n R Sailor
Oxbow (feat. Marianne Faithful) - Insylum
Bloddburger BC - Vampyros Lesbos Sex Stomp