18 Top Hits - International Highlights

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Genre: Rock
Inner Circle: Sweat
Vaya Co Dios: Heading For A Fall
John Secada: Just Another Day
Maggie Reilly: Everytime We Touch
Smokie: Dont Play That Game For Me
Depeche Mode: I Feel You
Undercover: Never Let Her Slip Away
Erasure: Who Needs Love Like That
Captain Hoolywood Project: Only With You
Roxette: Fingertips 93
Bob Marley: Iron Lion Zion
Sandra: Johnny Wanna Live
Jennifer Rush: Vision Of You
Alice In Fashionland (Florian Snyder): Alice In Fashionland
Mathou: You Never Walk Alone
Tasmon Archer: Sleeeping Satellite
Haddaway: What Is Love
Dr. Alban: Sing Hallelujah!