1995-12 MS Radio - 1995-12 MS Radio

Länge: 4487 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1995
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: MS Radio
Boyz II Men / I Remember
La Bouche / Be My Lover
Garbage / Queer
Chynna Phillips / Naked & Scared
Coolio / Too Hot
Planet Soul / Set U Free
R. Kelly / You Remind Me Of Something
Fun Factory / Celebration
Tina Turner / Goldeneye
Lil Suzy / When I Fall In Love
Folk Implosion / Natural One
Alex Party / Dont Give Me Your Life
Queen / Too Much Love Will Kill You
Spaghetti Surfers / Misirlou
Bette Midler / To Deserve You
Natalie Merchant / Wonder
Oasis / Wonderwall
LL Cool J (Feat. Boyz II Men) / Hey Lover
Bananarama / Every Shade Of Blue