1st Battalion The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Glengarried Men

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Genre: Folk
Bugler - Reveille
Piper - Johnnie Cope
Bugler - Long Reveille
a) The Soldiers Return b) Grannie Duncan c) Sae Will Ye Yet d) Miss Girdle
Bugler - Fall In (Muster Parade)
The Atholl Highlanders
Bugler - Meal Call
Piper - Bundle and Go
a) The Brown Haired Maiden b) Dornoch Links c) Wadi Akrait d) Scotland the Brave
Bugler - COs Orders
Piper - A Mans a Man For a That
Loch Leven Castle
All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border
Bugler - Mail Call
St. Andrews Cross
Piper - Lochaber No More
a) The Glendaruel Highlanders b) MacDonalds AwaTae the Wars
bugler - Retreat
Piper - The Green Hills of Tyrol
a) The 51st Highland Division b) The Rowan Tree c) Wings
Piper - Cruachan
Drum Salute
Piper - Piobaireachd of Donald Dhuibh
a) Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque b) Dora MacLeod c) The Sound of Sleat
a) Maggie Cameron b) Kate Dalrymple
a) The Walrus b) A.A. Camerons Strathspey c) Susan MacLeod c) The Bells of Dunblane e) Chasing Shadows f) Sting in the Tale
Bugler - Regimental Call
Bugler - Last Post
Piper - Fingals Weeping
a) Monymusk b) Highland Laddie c) The Campbells Are Coming