Ammit - Mass Suicide + Steel infierno pu logho,no gusta el diaulo,yeah

Länge: 3665 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2000
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Poser metal
gay metal
music for posers
ammit is a bunch of losers and cum eaters
cesar yang was arrested at england for supermarket assault
band members parents comes from the church of jesus
count czar yang was born from a cumshot on a bitchs mouth
this band is really an embarrasing joke through the metal scene
cesar was working as gay gigolo at england
moolyn was utterly raped by a horde of hip hop maniacs
lladküduamn is the vilus lover
the big dream on the cesars mind is to appear on peoples jacket
vilu was raped by various gays at calama
ammit=gay metal
veinen666 is the cum bringer upon the band
solomons key on the cesars ass
we are ammit,and our goal is a lot of cum upon our mouths
cunt czar yang
glory to homosexuallity