Barry White - My name is Barry White

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Genre: Jazz
B. White/ C. Taylor/ J. Lopez / Change
V. Cameron / Turnin on, Turnin in (to your love)
V. Cameron/ J. Cameron / Lets make tonight (an evening to remember)
N. Kipner/ J. Vallins / Dont tell me about heartaches
B. White/ J. Lopez/ C. Taylor / Passion
M. Howard/ C. Owens / Under the Influence of Love
B. White/ J. Perry/ V. Cameron / Ive got that love fever
B. White/ J. Perry / You Like you, you like me
V. Cameron / Its all about love
J. A. Belvin / Beware
B. White/ J. Grigsby/ L. Simon / I want you
B. White/ V. Cameron / Youre the only one for me