Berlitz - Großer Sprachkurs Englisch, Band 2 - CD 4

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Genre: Misc
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The engines stopped.
Its quicker by taxi.
It isnt going to rain any more.
Charlie Chaplins more frightening.
The ugliest thing in the world.
The most beautiful one of all.
Itll work perfectly.
It wont make any tea.
lll wait for you.
More carefully, Neil!
Its going faster.
Life goes faster and faster.
What have you invented today?
lve fixed it.
l wont do it ever again.
Pass me that rope.
Bring me some water.
Send me a letter.
Pass me that big bottle.
Take the sugar to Brian.
l wrote a letter to you.
A typewriter which doesnt make any noise.
Its for a friend who wants a noiseless typewriter.
There are people who are happy.
Youre the man l spoke to yesterday.
The biggest lamp youve ever seen.
lm the man you spoke to yesterday.
You want me to help you, of course.
You want me to hold the mirror by myself.
Ask someone to help you.
More comfortable than a Rolls-Royce.
Much better than mine.
Other cars are bigger than mine.
Give me your money
Youre the gentleman who was here before
The most beautiful place lve ever seen.
What were you doing?
Mr. Brown was looking after the Office.
The leaves were falling.
l was playing my guitar when ...
While they were looking at it, the door opened ...
The telephone rang again.
Much too ordinary.
lm too old, arent l?
Its much too far.
l need a spoon.
l need a knife to cut my steak.
Birds dont need a licence to fly.
A little more salt.
A few carrots and a little salt and pepper.
We only stayed a few days.
You must not smoke while you are here.
The doctors had to do some tests.