Bernstein The Songbook - Bernstein The Songbook

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"On The Town" New York, New York
"On The Town" Lonely Town
"On The Town" Carried Away
"Peter Pan" Build My House
"Peter Pan" Plank Song
"Trouble In Tahiti" I was Standing In A Garden
"Trouble In Tahiti" What A Movie
"Wonderful Town" Conga
"Wonderful Town" Ohio
"Wonderful Town" Wrong Note Rag
"Candidie" Best Of All Possible Worlds
"Candidie" Oh, Happy We
"Candidie" Glitter & Be Gay
"Candidie" Make Our Garden Grow
"West Side Story" America
"West Side Story" Marie
"West Side Story"Tonight Quintet
"West Side Story" Somewhere
"Mass" Hymn & Pslm:: A Simple Song
"Finale: On The Town" Some Other Time
"Encore: 1600 Hundred Pennsylvania Avenue" Take Care O
f This House