Brian Rooney - The Godfather

Länge: 2747 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1999
Genre: Folk
Paddy From Portlaw/Whistler at the Wake - Jigs
Tie the Bonnet/Galway Rumbler - Reels
The Chancellor/The Poppy Leaf - Hornpipes
Tom Steele/Come West along the Road - Reels
Westering Home/Bold Thady Quill - Jigs
M and M - Composed by Brian Rooney
Brian Rooneys/The Glentaun - Reels
Wandering Minstrel - Jigs
Seamus Tanseys/The Kilfenora - Reels
Humours of Tullycryan/Murphys Hornpipes
Sligo Maid/The Shaskeen - Reels
Hughies Buttermilk Mary/The Bush on the Hill - Jigs
The Godfather/John Brennans - Reels