Broken Pledge - Irish Music

Länge: 3170 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1994
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Ethnic
Red Reed, DAccord Mais Juste Une
Sunday Morning, Estelle Melody, Lucys
Mamas Pet, The Bunch of Golden Rushes, Broken Pledge
Walsh Hornpipe, The Fly Of The Butterfly
First of June, Ballydesmond, Jenny Lind
Genevieve Reel, The Cucumber Reel
The Modest Fiddler, Billys Welcome To Cannon Park
The Bank Of The Suir
Vincent Kilduff, Tatter Jeck Walsh
The Concert Reel, The Bungary Reel, The King Of The Clan
Down The Broom, Carmens Amber, Jacksons Reel
Clasp Machine, Back To The Sheepfold, The Morning Reel
The Bold Trainer-O
Gankio Mimikri Horo