Chris Grotewohl - Under the Influence

Länge: 2408 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1996
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Folk
Devanneys Goat, The Sandmount, The Fairhead
Bay Of Portia, The Noisy Curlew, The Crooked Road, Tim McWhirk
Paddy Faheys, Jackie Smalls, Jimmy Colemans
The Misconception, OLandes
The Knotty Pine, Seamus Thompsons, The Skull Reel
Politically Incorrect, Bobby Caseys Reel
Karens Garden
Thomas ONells, Margaret Lillians, Bairds
The Dowry Reels, A Parcel of Land, A Bag of Money
The Twisted Tinker, Drag Her Round the Road, The Stelling Re
Miss Caseys Jig, The Green Wheat