David & Ginger Hildebrand - Over The Hills And Far Away

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Genre: Folk
The Birks Of Endermay
The Last Time I Came Oer The Moor
Ianthe The Lovely
Corn Riggs
A Rose Tree, From The Poor Soldier
Tho Late I Was Plump, From The Poor Soldier
If The Heart Of A Man, From A Beggers Opera
Since Laws Were Made, From A Beggers Opera
Over The Hills And Far Away, From A Beggers Opera
Club March Against Sir Hugh Maccarty
She Tells Me With Claret
See, See My Boys
Annapolis March
As I Was Going To Baltimore
New Bath Minuet
Handsome Cabin Boys
Planxty Fanny Power/Oyl Of Barley
Morgan Megan
Psalms 42 & 92