Deyampert - Shapes & Colors

Länge: 3191 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Genre: Jazz
weitere Info: Electronic
216 (Cleveland Interlude) (feat. Channeng from Amraah 8)
Held Him First (feat. Clover from Amraah 8)
Song For Kailen
According to Miss Nikki (Interlude 2) (feat. Channeng from Amr
aah 8)
Its You (feat. Jane Hamilton)
Scorned and Maladjusted (A Dangerous Woman) (feat. Amraah 8)
I Want You to Know Me (feat. Desney Bailey)
This Is the Dance Track on This Album
The Sweetest Delusion (feat. Desney Bailey)
Santiago Sands Rework (feat. Rachel Myer)
Cosmic Outro