Eitan Vardi - Love Song to The Flute A

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Erscheinungsjahr: 1999
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Folk
Irish Washerwoman-Trad.
Amazing Grace-Appalacian Folk Tune
Saturday Evening-H. Haiman
Sebeniz-From Italy
Fiesta-From Brazil by Sylva
El Condor Pasa-Peru Trad.
Shirat Haasavim-N.Shemer
Cowboy Song-Olary-Nozic
Birds Come Again-E. Vardi & Ben Meir
Song For Holliday Night-Y. Holender
Ksheor Dolek-S. Argov
Happy March-Israeli Folk Song
My Flute-N. Shemer
And I Love Her-Beateles
Country Dances-Traditional
In The Galilee-N.Nardi
Tico Tico-Samba from Brazil by Abreu
Pink Panter-H. Mancini
From "William Tel"- Rossini
Orchestal Suite2-Rondo -Bach
Orchestal Suite2-Bouree-Bach
Orchestal Suite2-Polonaise-Bach
Orchestal Suite2-Badinaire -Bach
Orchestal Suite2-Bach
From "Easy Winners"-S. Joplin
Gavotte from Orchestal Suite3-Bach
English Bouree-Bach
Siciliana from Sonata for Flute-Bach
Flute Stacato-C. Civveli
"Morning" from Per Gynt-Grieg
The Thieving Magpie-Rossini
Meditation 1 of Flutist on"Morning"-Grieg
Meditation 2 of Flutist on"Morning"-Grieg
Meditation 3 of Flutist on"Morning"-Grieg
Passacagalia for Organ-Bach