Elke Baker - Over the Border

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Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Folk
Northern March
Prince Charlie
Campbells Farewell
Blighs Farewell
Hughie Shortys
Down the Broom
Father Francis Cameron
Arrane Ghelby (Song of the Kelpie)
Ushag Veg Ruy (Little Red Lark)
Banks of the Lossie
Ruffians Rant
Sandy Pond Reel
Wildcat Creek
S coltach mi ri craobh gun duilleag (I am Like a Tree Without Leav
Athole Volunteers March
Miss Isabella mcPherson Grant of Ballindalloch
The Merry Making
Barham Down
Gin ye won na take me, ye may let me be
Bobin John
Old Hag You Have Killed Me
North Highland Dance #4
Upper Glencoe
Dean Bridge of Edinburgh
The Marble Walk
Lady Eliza Lindsay
Reel Éboulement
Will Ye Go to Flanders?
The Hawthorn Tree
Grace Hays Delight
New Claret
Doon da Rooth
Reel for Dave
Star of Munster
Lillehammer Waltz