Finlay MacDonald DYEAR=2000 DGENRE=Celtic TTITLE0=The Plagiarist - The Night We had The Goats

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Erscheinungsjahr: 2000
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Celtic
The Plagiarist / The Night We had The Goats
Angus Sutherland / The Mountain Dairy Maid
Jock the Box / Trad reel
Captain McKerrells / Nigel Richards
The Road to Loch Nam Bearnish / Major Forbes / Nameless / Lord William

Miss Gow/ The Cameronian Rant / The Flaggon
Lake Ochrid
Waulking Song / Greek Street
The Rusty Gun / A.A. Camerons / The Meechans
The Humpback Whale
I Would Have Preferred Thee at First, but Not Now Sir / Donald of the
Sun / Welcome Jo McAuleys
My Old Man is Long a Dying / An T-Ord Gallach/ Sugar Merchant
Cowden Hall