Folkways Artists - A Vision Revisited (the original performances)

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Genre: Folk
Leadbelly / Goddnight Irene
Woody Guthrie / House of the rising sun
Pete Seeger / Michael, row the boat ashore
Leadbelly / On a monday
Woody Guthrie / Little black train
Pete Seeger / Big rock candy mountain
Leadbelly / Midnight special
Woody Guthrie / Pretty boy Floyd
Pete Seeger / Boll Weevil
Leadbelly / Silvy
Woody Guthrie / Gipsy Davy
Pete Seeger / Casey Jones
Leadbelly / Bourgeois Blues
Woody Guthrie / More pretty girls than one
Pete Seeger / Blue tail fly
Leadbelly / Keep your hands off her
Woody Guthrie / Hey Lolly Lolly
Pete Seeger / Joshua fit the battle