Future Music - 051

Länge: 4346 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1996
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Misc
Nitrogen/Silicon Bone Gun
Paul Haslinger/Monkey Brain Sushi
Turbulent Force/Voidcom
Innit?/ You Were Meant For Me (You Thick Shit)
Caucasian/Miss 25th Of May
Torque/Perfume River
Grumpyhead/Maniacs With Sense
Korg Trinity/samples
Studio Electronics ATC-1/demo
Studio Electronics ATC-1/samples
Techno Maker/demo
Music Maker/demo
Music Machine/demo
Alesis QS7/demo
Spectral ProTone/demo
Spectral ProTone/samples
Yamaha QY700/demo
Korg MonoPoly/samples
Korg MonoPoly/samples
Time+Space On A Jazz Tip/demo
Analogue Solutions Sounds Of Old/demo
Sounds OK Loops/demo