GaŽlle Graham - Teach Yourself French

Länge: 4431 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1991
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Special
Unit One - Introductions
Unit One - At The Hotel
Unit Two - In The Street
Unit Two - At The Campsite
Unit Two - Asking The Way
Unit Three - At The Station
Unit Three - Train Announcements
Unit Three - Going To The Station
Unit Four - Preparing A Meal
Unit Four - The Shopping List
Unit Five - Looking For A Flat
Unit Six - An Evening Out
Unit Six - An Invitation To Dinner
Unit Seven - At The Petrol Station
Unit Seven - A Breakdown
Unit Eight - On The Road
Unit Eight - An Accident
Unit Nine - The French Elections
Unit Nine - Politics On The Radio
Unit Ten - At The Telephone Counter
Unit Ten - Sending A Telegram
Unit Eleven - Holiday Plans
Unit Eleven - Choosing A Campsite
Unit Twelve - Out Of Work
Unit Twelve - An Interview
Unit Thirteen - Taking The Mťtro
Unit Thirteen - At The Department Store
Unit Fourteen - Plans To Eat Out
Unit Fourteen - At The Restaurant