Gabriels Gate - Departures

Länge: 3759 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2000
Genre: Folk
The Friggin Reel/Farewell to Summer/Trip To Belgium
Trimble The Traveler/Two Fingers and a Fumb/Flying Dutchmen/Chicken Wichita
The Wounded Hussar
The Koteka/The Mossy Cottage/Lads Of Leisure/The Fountain Hounds/Hound In The Hedgerow
Malcolms Waltz
Face In The Crowd
Mrs. OBriens/Master of the Sea/Flailing Katana
The Blacksmith
Maturin-Maturine/Hanter Dro/Ton Simple Plin/k-10
Fife Hunt/Carmichaels Strathspey/Cup OTea/Lucky Bawdins