George Formby - Its Turned Out Nice Again !

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Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Musical
Trailer For The Film "Keep You Seats Please"
On The Beat
Quickfire Medley
Sitting On The Sands All Night
On The Wigan Boat Express
Talking To The Moon About You
Swing It George Medley
Hitting The High Spots Now
Home Guard Blues
Goodnight, Little Fellow, Goodnight
The Window Cleaner
A Lad From Lancashire
Oh, You Have No Idea
Riding In The T.T. Race
They Cant Fool Me
Under The Blasted Oak
I Always Get To Bed By Half-Past Nine
Down The Old Coal Hole
I Wonder Whos Under Her Balcony Now ?
Delivering The Morning Milk
Leaning On A Lamp Post
Its Turned Out Nice Again