John Leguizamo - John Leguizamo Live

Länge: 3900 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Comedy
Can A Girl Be A Bastard?
Ghetto Prize or Fucked-Up White Family
Dead Santa
Fart Asphyxiation
Make The White Pee
Parents Divorce
Single Mom
Gramps and Grams
Rapunzel Garcia
Blue Balls Strategy
College Horny Dog
Musical Intermission - The Night Before Christmas
Musical Intermission - Gotta Get Some
My Divorce
Grampas Pinga
High At Grampas Funeral
Teeny - Da Woman Who Called Me On My Bullshit
Costumed X-Mas
Holes In My Condom
Sonogram - No Ding Dong
Home Birth or Bikini Wax
Human Dairy Farm
Yakkity Yak
Its Got A Ding Dong
Airing Their Differences
Colicky Son - Or the Little Prick
Bedtime Story