John Lennon - Complete Lost Tapes - Vol. 14

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Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Rock
Clean-up Time [Rehearsal]
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)[Alternate Mix]
Watching The Wheels [Alternate Mix]
Dear Yoko [Alternate Mix]
Cleanup Time [Alternate Mix]
You Saved My Soul (With Your Love)[Demo]
Not For Love Nor Money
He Said He Said [Home Recording]
She Said She Said [Demo]
Yer Blues
Oh My Love
Oh My Love [Demo]
Because [Rendition, Acoustic Guitar]
Happiness Is A Warm Gun [Home Recording]
Give Peace A Chance [Take 1]
Give Peace A Chance [Take 2]
Give Peace A Chance [Take 3]
Give Peace A Chance [Take 4]
Give Peace A Chance [Take 5]
God [Demo]
My Mummys Dead [Rough Mix]
Its So Hard
Come Together [Rehearsal]
Honky Tonk Blues [Rehearsal]
I Know [Demo, Take 3]
Rock And Roll People [Take 7]
Only People [Alternate Mix]
Whatever Gets You Through the Night [Acoustic Demo]