Joy MacKenzie - Growing reader Phonics Bible CD1

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P002 A Grand Plan
P008 Guess What God Does Next!
P012 God Fills His Earth with Living Things
P019 A sly Serpent Makes a Sad, Sorry Mess
P024 Brave, Bold Noah Builds a Boat
P034 Gods Surprise Promise
P040 Good Job, God. Thanks a Lot!
P047 Too Much of a Rush for Lunch
P053 Hate Cant Wait
P058 Egypts Happy Dream Team
P065 Wise Joseph Frightens His Brothers, Then Invites Them to Lunch! Why?
P075 A Boat for Baby Moses
P083 A Huge Job for Moses: Will He Refuse?
P089 Ive Had It! Just Scram! Get Out of This Land!
P095 A dry Road across the Bottom of the Sea
P101 Meat and Manna from Heaven
P106 ATTENTION! God Has Something to Say!
P115 Giant Jericho Tumbles Down
P123 An All-Wrong Story Ends Up Right
P130 Samuel, Child Called by God
P139 A Small Shepherd-Israels Next Ruler
P143 Good-bye, Goliath!
P150 Jonathan, a Best Friend for David
P158 How Can a King Become Wise?
P163 Waters Dry Up and Weird Things Happen, but God Works Wonders
P172 Four Hundred Fifty Prophets Begging for Fire Are Not Enough!
P181 A Whistle, a Whirl, and a Whinny-Elijahs Wild Chariot Ride
P188 A Jar of Oil, a Boy Made New, and Poison Veggies in a Pot of Stew!
P195 The Healing of a Strong Soldier
P202 Esther-The Girl Who Became Part of Gods Perfect Plan
P210 Think Joy! Shout Hallelujah!
P214 A Library of Wise Sayings to Share