Len Graham - Garry Ó Briain - Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin - When I Was Young

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Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Irish
Johnny When You Die
The Field Mouses Ball
The Wheel Of Fortune
As I Roved Out
The Fox And The Hare
Rosemary Fair
Early In The Morning
Henry My Son
Old Roger Rum
My Aunt Jane
The Frost Is All Over Daisy Chain
The Magical Band
The Golden Ball
Do You Love An Apple
The Old Woman And The Begger
Weelia, Weelia Wallia
Cause He Was A Fool
The Willow Tree
Fair Rosa
I Once Had A Granny
The Pack Of Tailors, Baggy Britches
The Frogs Wedding
The False Knight
Morning Willio
I know Where Im Going