Living Sound Effects Vol. 5 - Bainbridge SFX vol. 5

Länge: 3762 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Sound Clip
talking alarm - clock Good morning at 600 am
visiting the bathroom number 1 (with zipper and flush)
shaving, straight razor (filling sink, lathering, toweling, cologne)
brushing teeth, gag and gargle
English - muffin loud chomping and chewing
the belch
visiting the bathroom number 2 (plop, grunt, fart, fizz, flush)
door knock with rattling jam
door bell (Westminster chimes)
door banging, violent
door banging, violent with yelling Come on, let me in!
door creaking #1
door creaking #2
door slam, single
door slam, multiple
digging for ice
blender - crushing ice, changing speed, adding more ice
chewing and crunching on ice cubes
squealing Styrofoam lid on cooler
squeezable ketchup container - getting the last drop
the Popsicle experience - unwrapping, licking, sucking, slurping
the straw in the milkshake experience - drawing the last drop
the big burp of satisfaction
two sneezes - male
door to door sales pitch - youth organization rep. selling soup to nu
talking alarm clock second call at 609 a.m.
screaming heavy metal electric guitar solo
motorcycle - 2 stroke dirt bike, kick starting
motorcycle - 2 stroke dirt bike passing left-right, right-left
Harley-Davidson motorcycle - electronic ignition and idle
horns - two cars and a motorcycle
squirting car with hose
electric hand-held hairdryer - blowing from low to high
crushing aluminum cans and tossing in recycle bin
vacuum cleaner - passing near and far
switching TV channels with remote control - most annoying
sleigh bells - authentic sleigh bell strap
tool box - searching for just the right tool
metal falling
smoke detector - alarm sounding.mp3
modern telephone ringing - no one home
cat meowing and purring - introducing kitten
electricity - static and frequency
welding torch - popping at ignition, glowing, re-lighting, glowing
heavy metal falling - ouch!
lathe - plastic - start up; carving plastic
band saw - cutting thick wood; laboring blade
video game - shots, pings, explosions, and points scored
train whistle #1 - 11 pulls, varying length, pitch & strength
train whistle #2 - 13 pulls, low pitch, varying length and strength
train whistle #3 - 20 pulls, high pitch, varying length and strength
train whistles - 3 whistles in concert, many pulls
belch - unbelievably long and disgusting
taps (authentic), pure and simple
talking alarm clock - Third and last call at 618 a.m. with alarm