Louis Benedetti - Soulshine Soulful Session Vol. 3

Länge: 4312 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Soulful House
Soulplanet / What I Want
Billie / Come Along (Louis Benedetti Dub Instrumental Mix)
Kim Beacham / Looking Up
Sir Piers feat. Monica Bingham / Dont You Love Me (Louis Bene
detti Reprise Dub)
D.C. Washigton / Never Be the Same (Original Mix)
Jasper Street Co. / Joy
Krisnidanoff / Mama Africa
Dana Byrd / I Wanna Be Free
Jovonn / Afroman
Aaron Ross pres. Rain People feat. Marcus Begg / Trippin On Yo
ur Love (Aarons Dub)
Blvd. East K.T. Brooks / Its Your Life
Andricka Hall / Stay Inside My Life (Louis Benedettis Dub)