Mr. Manly - The Best of Mr. Manly Vol 1

Länge: 4440 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1994
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Comedy
Skit: The French Poodle
Condom Nicknames
At The Nude Beach
Skit: The Unmanly Dream
Talker On The Airplane
Outgoing Messages For Ladies
I Dont Want Your Phone #!
German Lesson I
The Unmanly Taxi Ride
The Female Flood Control Officer
Manly / Unmanly Morning Noises
The Viscious Sneeze
The Female Ornithologists
Smashing Cans On Forehead
Skit: The Car Breaks Down
Skit: Flit Boy / Not A Flit Boy
Reunion With Veterinarian
Hospital Roommate Is A Flit Boy
Unmanly Nicknames
Woman With A Shaved Head
Ex-Wife And Your Younger Girlfriend
Horrible Airline Food
Uh Oh! Youre Late For Work
Your Date On Acid
Freezer Repairman
The Newlyweds
Talking In Your Sleep
Terminating A Relationship
Telling Vietnam War Stories
Wife Asks If She Is Fat
German Lesson II
Self-gratification Euphemisms
The Male Nurse
Skit: At The Lawyers Office