Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague

Länge: 2816 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2004
Genre: Jazz
weitere Info: New Age
Love Will Tear Us Apart (feat. Eloisa) [Joy Division]
Just Cant Get Enough (feat. Eloisa) [Depeche Mode]
In a Manner of Speaking (feat. Camille) [Tuxedomoon]
Guns of Brixton( feat. Camille) [The Clash]
(This is Not a) Love Song (feat. Melanie Pain)[PiL]
Too Drunk to Fuck (feat. Camille) [Dead Kennedys]
Marian (feat. Alex) [The Sisters of Mercy]
Making Plans for Nigel (feat. Camille) [XTC]
A Forest (feat. Marina) [The Cure]
I Melt With You (feat. Silja) [Modern English]
Teenage Kicks (feat. Melanie Pain) [The Undertones]
Psyche (feat Sir Alice) [Killing Joke]
Friday Night, Saturday Morning (feat Daniella DŽAmbrosio) [The Special