Nova - ZoneB

Länge: 2540 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Speech
B01_Pleased to meet you
B02_Where are you from?
B03_I really like pizza!
B04_Joes wearing a white T-shirt
B05_Hows it going?
B06_Can you ski?
B07_Could i get some water, please?
B08_What the weather like?
B09_Its nice ninety-five
B10_Hes really cute and clever
B11_How do you get to work?
B12_Whats your phone number?
B13_Do you have any brothers or sisters?
B14_So, what are you doing?
B15_Do you have a digital camera?
B16_Can I help you?
B17_Cash or credit card?
B18_Is this your first visit to Hawaii?
B19_Whats your new apartment like?
B20_Shes a fashion designer
B21_Where are my keys?
B22_Hi. Can I speak to Ian, please?
B23_Does she have blond hair?
B24_Can I take your cost?
B25_Is anyone sitting here?
B26_What are you doing this weekend?
B27_I usually have bacon, eggs and coffee
B28_Whens the next train to Birmingham?
B29_What time does the bus leave?
B30_I go shopping
B31_How about half past eight?
B32_The roast chicken, please
B33_Id like to check in, please
B34_What kind of music do you like?
B35_Thats eight twnty-fiv, please
B36_What are you doing for the holidays?
B37_Can I help you with anything?
B38_So what do you do?
B39_I really want to buy a new car
B40_Is there a bank near here?
B41_Long flight, eh?
B42_Id like to exchange some money
B43_I dont eat junk food
B44_This is my friend, Bill
B45_Where to?
B46_Venice was fantastic
B47_Did you have a good weekend?
B48_Would you like to come to a comcert?
B49_The show starts at 7:00
B50_Thanks for lunch