Phil Tanner - The Gower Nightingale

Länge: 3531 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Genre: Folk
The Gower Nightingale - Part 1 (Speech - Wynford Vaughan Thoma
Sweet Primroses (Song)
The Gower Nightingale - Part 2 (Speech - Wynford Vaughan Thoma
The Gower Reel (Mouth Music)
The Gower Wassail (Song)
Young Henry Martin (Song)
The Oyster Girl (Song)
Young Roger Esquire (Song)
Over The Hills To Gowerie (Mouth Music)
Swansea Barracks (Song)
Barbara Allen (Song)
Fair Phoebe And The Dark Eyed Sailor (Song)
The Bonny Bunch Of Roses (Song)
The Parson And The Clerk (Song)
The Gower Reel (Mouth Music)
The Gower Reel (Mouth Music With Dancers)
Wassail Song (Song)
Sweet Primroses (Song)