Quartette SLAVEI - Bulgarian Folk Music

Länge: 3745 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Folk
Radka has run away
I am Drowsy, I am sleepy
Are yYou quite alone, you , Petrunka?
Hey you, girl
Hey you, lively trenka
Hey, Neno
Nedelyo, hey, Nedelyo
Hey you maidens mariyo, Mariike
They invite me, mother
Gather, you maidens, at a working-bee
A lamb is mouching
A vine was creeping
A horo began winding
Georgi forgives Nedelya
Frisky Neda has climbed up
A tiny bird is singing
Last year here, next to home
Hey you, fair, fair girl
A group got together and started playing
Neno, hey little Neno