Raymond And Peter - Shut Up Little Man

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Genre: Jazz
Introducing Peter: The crucifixion of dinner
Introducing Ray: I am ready now!
You wanna stick me with that fork?
Go to bead: Fist Fight I
Someday I will kill you
Sorry Darling
I despise all queers
What did you do during the war?
Dont call me Goodnight!
Introducing Tony: I seen them potheads
On the floor again: Fist Fight II
You always giggle falsely
Ray, you are just fucking up!
I was a mean motherfucker in my time
Rays soliloquy: I am the human race!
I know how to use any weapon
This time I attack
I dont wanna watch queer shit: Fist Fight III
Tony stripped her down!
Nova Express Times survey on alcoholism
Queers giggle
Where are the police?
A night in the Stony Lonesome
I an a killin motherfucker (re: Eddie Lee)
You dont have any friends
Go live south of Market
The killing of 14 people
Ray mewls at the cops
Well set your hair on fire
Cheap little bitch
A liar, a thief and a cheat
I am a man
I tried to make this a home
If you wanna talk to me then shut your fuckin mouth