Russell Micho - The Man From Clare

Länge: 4067 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1993
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Celtic
John Philip Holland
Napoleons Retreat
The Battering Ram + Garrett Barrys
The West Clare Reel + The Heather Breeze
An Páistín Fionn
The Trip We Took Over The Mountain
Anach Chuain
Fermoy Lasses + Reel With The Berril
Spailpín a Run
Tom Báns Reel + Seán Sa Cheo
The Masons Apron + Gan Ainm
The Blackbird
The First Of May
Carthys Reel
The Galway Races + The Cliffs Of Moher
Bruach Na Carrige Bana (The Brow Of The White Rock)
The Sporting Days Of Easter + The Rising Sun
The Geese In The Bog
Bean Dubh AGhleanna (Dark Woman Of The Glen)
Táim in arrears (Im In Arrears Over Drink)