SFX Band - TM Century Sound Effects Disc 2

Länge: 3736 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Sound Effectsq
Busy Office With Phone & Busy Office
Electric Typewriter Sequence & High Speed Electric Typewrite
Computer Keyboard & Computer Printer (Slow) & Computer Printer
Manual Typewrite
Adding Machine
Phone Sequences (6)
Copy Machine Sequence
Pen Signing Signature & Pencil Writing and Erasing & Electric
Pencil Sharpener
Paper Tearing & Paper Crumpling & Paper Cutter
Chalkboard Writing and Erasing
Squeaky Chair or Bed
Cash Register (Old Fashioned)
Elevator Sequence
Vending Machine (Can) & Vending Machine (Candy)
Clock Ticking with Alarm At End
Grandfather Clock Strikes 12 & Mantel Clock Strikes 10
Cucko Clock (3)
Doorbell (One Ring) & Doorbell (Four Rings) & Door Buzzer (Ol
d Fashioned)
Tricycle Bell & Bicycle Bells
Telethon Phone Bank
Dinner Triangle
Slide Whistle & Koo Koo Whistle & Wolf Whistle & Tugboat Whis
Dog Barking 1 & Dog Barking 2 & Dog Growling & Small Dog Bark
ing & Dog Attacking Man & Puppy Crying
Cat Meow & Kitten Meow & Cat Pound
Horse Whinny 1 & Horse Whinny 2
Horses Trot on Cobblestone & Horses Trot on Dirt Trail & Hors
es Stampede
Tropical Birds & Seagulls & Pigeons & Canaries & Doves
Rooster 1 & Rooster 2
Ducks and Geese & Chickens
Turkey & Crow
Cow & Sheep, Lamb and Goats
Pigs & Guinea Pigs
Chimps at Zoo & Chimps On Rampage In Jungle
Seals & Cougar & Lion & Tiger & Wolf & Rattlesnake & Frog
Air Raid Siren
Battle Sequence 1 & Battle Sequence 2
Pistol Shots with Ricochets & Machine Gun Bursts & 38 Caliber
Machine Gun Fire
M-14 Single Shots & M-14 Auto Fire
75mm Canon & 44 Caliber Revolver Shots & Rifle with Repeat Ac
21 Gun Salute
Submarine Engine Room & Submarine Dive Sequence & Navy Alarm
Buzzer & Boatswain Whistle
Boxing Match
Golf Swing
Tennis Game
Baseball Homerun with Crowd & Baseball Homerun without Crowd
Large Pump
Freight Elevator
Grinding Wheel
Jack Hammer
Car Crusher
Construction Site
Hand Saw, Wood Falls to Floor
Circular Saw
Electric Drill
Severe Thunderstorm (2)
Thunder Or Rain & Heavy Rain, Light Thunder, Traffic & Medium
Intensity Thunderstorm with Traffic
Thunder and Wind & Rain and Wind & Thunder & Moderate Rain
Umbrella Opens, Moderate Thunderstorm, Car Arrives & Umbrella
Wind (2)
Mountain Stream
Ocean Stuff
Orchestra Tuning
Popcorn Machine Sequence
Balloon Sequence
Whipped Cream Aerosol Dispenser
Lighting a Match
Cellophane Tape Sequence
Spinning Coin & Dropping Of Coins On Table & Counting Paper M
Fireworks Display with Crowd
Parade Passing By
Forest Fire
Man Tripping & Closet Crash & Dropping Dishes & Breaking Glas
Shoveling Sand & Shoveling Snow
Scratch 78rpm Record
Stylus Tearing Across Record
Zipper, Slow and Fast
Cloth Tearing
Briefcase Sequence
Music Box, Ice Cream Truck Effect
Scratching, Rubbing Skin
Tap Dancing
Time Codes
Jungle Drums
Beer Mug Slides Down Bar
Dentist Drill
Big Kiss