Shinzen Young - Science of Enlightenment - CD 05

Länge: 4789 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
Genre: Rock
weitere Info: Other
S09-1 Intro
S09-2 Meditation as inner catalyst
S09-3 Paradigms of purification
S09-4 Relieving friction among senses
S09-5 Paradox of complete experience
S09-6 Technique of no technique
S09-7 Strategies for increasing awareness
S09-8 Classic objects of meditation
S09-9 Focusing on feelings and thoughts
S10-1 Intro
S10-2 Fixation and drivenness
S10-3 Observing your thoughts
S10-4 True peace of mind
S10-5 Contacting fundamental confusion
S10-6 Samadhi through senses