Soloists of St. Petersburg - Une Petite Collection

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Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Acapella
Confess to the Lord - Anonymous
Lord, Now Lettest Thou - G. Davidovsky
Praise the Name of the Lord - N. Kolesnichenko
If it is Truly Mete. Hymn to the Mother of God - V. Bulukin
Cherubic Hymn - N. Babmeter
To the Mystic Feast, Son of God, Invite Me as a Guest - P. Tchesnokov
The Creed - A. Grechaninov
Give Me Words for Praying, O Lord! - A. Lvov
I was in the Garden
Its No Credit for a Young Fellow to Sit at Home
Above the Fields
The Garden at the Hill
You, My Soul
The Damsel Walked through the Garden
The Berries in the Field are Now Ripe
Why should I be Unhappy?
Oh Volga, My Mother