Th Suffering Gaels - The One-horned Cow

Länge: 2932 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Misc
Jigs: Millpond, Corneliuss Big Balloon, Tailors Thimble
The Trooper
Barn Dances: Werent Any Men in the World, James Gannons
Reels: Bill Dennehys, Dohertys, The One Horned Cow
Whiskey in the Jar
Slides: The Galen, the Hills of Glenorchie, Mick Duggans
Jack Haggerty
Air: The Banks of the Suir
Jigs: Little Black Pig,Grainnes,Little House Under the Hill
Reels: Colonel McBains, OMahoneys
The Bonnie Irish Maid
Reels: Charelie Harris, The Bank of Ireland, Twomeys #9