The Capitol Steps - First Lady and the Tramp

Länge: 3101 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1999
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Comedy
On the Dole Again (with Viagra)
Why Must I Be the Millennium Bug?
Its a Wrong Waste of Tiparillos
Our Love is Here to Stain
Really Scary Spice Girls
Birds Do It (but technically, it isnt sex)
You Say "Is" Is-Is, and I Say "Is" Isnt
Thats an Impeachment
It Takes a Village (to Satisfy Bill Clinton)
You Gotta Have Parts
Out Like Flynt
Over the Bimbos
State of Incarceration
Pakistani Bang-Bang
Jesse the Body vs. Saddam I Am
Little Bomber Boy
Home of Deranged
Its Time for a Tinky Winky
Like a Suburban Drone
The Boy from Salt Lake City
Lirty Dies: The P.O.G., Wick Slillie, Loctor Daura