United States Marine Band - United States Marine Band Selection Disk 1

Länge: 4492 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2000
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Wind Orchestra
Fanfare and Allegro
Lincolnshire Posy¢¹Lisbon
Lincolnshire Posy¢ºHorkstow Grange
Lincolnshire Posy¢»Rufford Park Poachers
Lincolnshire Posy¢¼The brisk young Sailor
Lincolnshire Posy¢½Lord Melbourne
Lincolnshire Posy¢¾The Lost Lady Found
Esprit de Corps
Sumphony for Band, West Point¢¹Epitaphs
Sumphony for Band, West Point¢ºMarches
Tunbridge Fair¡]Intermezzo for Band¡^
La Fiesta Maxicana¢¹Prelude and Aztec Dance
La Fiesta Maxicana¢ºMass
La Fiesta Maxicana¢»Carnival