University of Montevallo - Poof - Oh So Very Purple Moosic

Länge: 3293 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1998
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Chorus
Purple Side 1998 / United We Stand - Side Song
unknown / Dream Sequence
Cast / Where Do We Go
Tommy Fike / Land of Dreams
Donnie Patrick, Cast / Our Broadway Star
Polly Short / The Way to Your Heart
Natalie Barton, Executives / Here Kitty, Kitty
Jason Matthew Davis, Polly Short / Time and Again
Andy Davis, Cast / Lady Luck
Jason Matthew Davis, Cast / Finale
Showgirls / Vegas
Donnie Patrick / Its Just Business
Cast / Moonglow
Female Principles / Give Me a Chance
Brian Quillin, Bradley Simmons, Mahalia Mauldin / Trio
Female Principles / Back at Home
Purple Side 1998 / Way Down in the Valley
Purple Side 1998 / Side Song (Original)
unknown / PV Spirit