Various Artist - Best of VMP Dance Chapter 3

Länge: 4428 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2000
Genre: Rock
weitere Info: Dance
Dip Yo Hips (Dip Yo!!!Baby!) / The Ghetto Bros
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / Happy Nation
My Heart Will Go On / Clueless
Let Him Go / Bay Disco
Toy Soldiers / Vision
Di Da Di (And So The Story Goes) / Mary Bay
Dancing On The Beach / Sandman
Welcome To Rimini / Ric Fellini
Torn / Natalie Browne
Carry On / Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder
Tubthumping / No Smoking
Coco Jumbo / Mr Coco
One Nait Stand / Claobella
Live For Today / TI.PT.CAL Featuring Kimara
Ma Baker / DJ Alvin
The Party / Sex Alarm
Hot Stuff / Blonde On Blonde
Lets All Chant / Discosluts