Various Artists - A Fifth of RAP - Disc # 3

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Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Misc
Mike Clayton "Wie Lieblich Sind"
Mike Clayton "Sad Flow the Streams"
Dave Perrault "Isolated Town"
Ben Bradley "Prelude and Fugue No. 2 in C minor"
Ulysses "Holding My Tongue"
Ulysses "Positive Punk"
Romeo Rondeau "Turnpike Cruiser"
Rick Jones "Never Walk the Floor"
Neil Rutman "Bird in a Cage"
Dave Martin/Bob Ohlsson "The Time Jumpers Theme (live)
Lee Liebner "Bel Piacere e Godere"
Michael J. Kellat "Earn Your Love"
Michael J. Kellat "Rock-A-My Soul"
Dan Brady "Better Than"
Graham Duncan "Resonate"
Graham Duncan "A Stage for the Moon"
Mark Plancke "Lost"
Kale Holmes "Cold"
Rick Krizman "More to Love"
Paul Artola "Mister"
Eric Tischler "Coal"
Tonebarge "Train"
David Colon (Inky Dust) "Hey Now"