Various Artists - Celebration of Praise

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Harmony Singers - Celebration Of Praise
Sounds Of Praise - Oh Believe Me!
Viviane dos Santos - No More Night
Harmony Singers & Anabela Silveira - Lets Just Praise The Lor
Braga Trio - Power Of Your Love
Sounds Of Praise - Homesick For Heaven
Melissa Chang - Always Be As A Child
Harmony Singers - With The Sound Of Trumpets
4-Given Quartet - Ill Never Let You Go
Viviane dos Santos & Joe Braga - Trust His Heart
Harmony Singers - Soon I Will Be Done
Isabel Santos - Baruch Hashem Adonai
Sounds Of Praise - All Hail The Power
Harmony Singers & Melissa Chang - There Is No One Like You
Sounds Of Praise - What A Friend
Harmony Singers - Halleluia