Various Artists - Fiddle Sticks - Irish Traditional Music from Donegal

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Erscheinungsjahr: 1991
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Folk
The Boys of Malin, The Gravel Walks
Stirling Castle, Miss Ramsey
Farrell OGara, Ciaran OReilly
Two Jigs
Gustys Frolicks
The Glen Road to Carrick
The King of the Pipers, Frainc APhoill
The Jug of Punch, John Stewart
The Pinch of Snuff, The Wild Irishman
The Lord of Mayo
The Mullingar Races, The Pigeon on the Gate
The Turnpike, The Shetland Fiddler, The Boys of Malin
Two Mazurkas
The Silver Spire, The Boys of Ballisadare
Tripping up the Stairs, The Gravel Walks
The Wedding Jig
The Fantastic Reel, McFarleys Reel, Miss Ramsey
The Jig of Slurs, The Irish Washerwoman, The Atholl Highlanders
The Wise Maid, MacLeods Reel, The Boys of Malin