Various Artists - Surf Bunnies & Hot Rod Honeys

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Genre: Rock
weitere Info: Rock & Roll
Beach Girls/Hes My Surfin Guy
Surf Bunnies/Surf Bunnie Beach
Surf Bunnies/Our Surfer Boys
Powder Puffs/You Cant Take My Boyfriends Woodie
Majorettes/White Levis
Seashells/Love Those Beach Boys
Surfettes/Sammy The Sidewalk Surfer
Beach Girls/Sking In The Snow
Surf Bunnies/Hot Rod High
Hal Blaine/Dance To The Surfing Band
Westwoods/I Miiss My Surfer Boy Too
D.D. Hope/California Surfer
Fashions/Surfers Memories
June August/What Does A Liveguard Do In The Fall
Bermudas/Chu Sen Ling
Petticotes/Surfin Sally
Carol & Cheryl/Go Go GTO
Delicates/Black & White Thunderbird
Susan Lynn/Dont Drag No More
Carol Connors/Yum Yum Yamaha
Surfer Girls/Draggin Wagon
Satisfactions/Daddy, You Just Gotta Let Him In
Carol Connors/A Swingin Summer
Darby Sisters/Go Back Go Back To Your Pontiac
Marie & The Papaya Girls/Hot Rod City
Bernadette Castro/Sports Car Sally
Petites/Baby Blue Mustang
Donna Loren/The Cycle Set
Storey Sisters/Bad Motorcycle
Petites/Get Your Daddys Car Tonight
Jo Ann Cambell/Motorcycle Michael
Robin Ward/In His Car