Various - Homework #3

Länge: 4438 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: unbekannt
Genre: Rock
weitere Info: Punk
Stroke Band / Fiction/Non-Fiction
Velvet Monkeys / All The Same
Nurses / I Can Explain
Phillipo Scrooge / Love is A Tractor
Drum Bunny / Rhapsody
Yo / I See Beyond
Salem 66 / Lemon Rind
Sneakers / Be My Ambulance
Brian Sands / White Chocolate
Telefones / Voices
Wildfang / Dont Say No
Armand Schaubroeck Steals / A Lot of People Want to See Armand
Saunbroeck Dead (excerpt)
2 x 4s / Another 8 Hours of Boredom
Snatch / Second Rater
Styrenes / Inside of Here
Billy Sheers / Solo Flight
Romans / Nazarene
Tommy Dog / Formal Friends
V; / 1926
Reversible Cords / Malcontents
Y Pants / Obvious
The Scene Is Now / Yellow Sarong
Mock Turtles / Thank You For Sending Me An Eno
Rat At Rat R / Rock n Roll Is Dead Long
Tiny Desk Unit / Little Metal Teeth
17 Pygmies / Jedda By The Sea [edit]
Stroke Band / Son of Sam
Raisinettes / Stay Limp
Snatch / Patti Palladin radio ad for "All I Want"