Various - Kindermusik - See What I Saw - Disk 1

Länge: 2645 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
Genre: Folk
Hello, How Do You Do!
Ha, Ha, This-A-Way
Evrything is Just Fine
This Old Man
Grasshopper Park Story
What Shall We DO?
Slide Down
Oopsy Daisy
Grasshoppers Three
Grasshopper Park Instrumental Medley
Mister Sun (male & child)
Kindermusik Slide Whistle Glissando
Clarinet Glissando
Trombone Glissando
Silly Slides
Do As Im Doing
Mister Sun (whistling)
Who Has the Button?
On Our Way
Tricky Trails
In My Pocket
The Green Grass Grows All Around
Book: Can You Find Me?
My Tree House
Humming: Hello, How Do You DO!
Humming: Swinging
Humming: In My Pocket
Poundo to dachtilidi (Where is the Ring?)
Bim Bam