Various - Pure Irish Drops: Women of Ireland

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Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Celtic
Mary Custy - Edward Scissorhands
Mary Staunton - Trip it up the Stairs-Michael Burkes
Kathleen Loughnane - Aisling on Oigfhear
Mary Staunton - Green Fields of Mayo
Mary Custy - Michos Jig-Willies trip to Toronto
Mary Staunton - Sarahs Delight-The house on the hill
Kathleen Loughnane - Ill mend your pots and kettles, O!-The open road
Mary Staunton - Donncha Bán
Kathleen Loughnane - Castle Kelly-Lady Edwards
Mary Custy - Road to Miltown
Kathleen Loughnane - Lady Gethin-Lady Magan
Mary Staunton - Inishcarra
Kathleen Loughnane - McConnells-Kitty Sheáins