We Sing - We Sing Bible Songs

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Jesus Loves the Little Children
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Sees Me
Come Bless the Lord
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
This little light of mine
The Bible Says
The Lord is my shepard
Deep and Wide
God Made Me
My Body, Strong and Good
Oh, Be Careful
Silver and Gold Have I none
The Twelve Disiples
Behold, behold
One Door and only one
Love, love
This is my commandment
The B-I-B-L-E
Books of the old Testament
Books of the new testament
Father Abraham
Little David, Play on your Harp
Only a Boy Named david
Who Did Swallow Jonah?
The wise man and the foolish man
Who built the Ark?
His banner over me is love
Praise him, praise him
Kum Ba Yah
Thank You
Whisper a Prayer
god Bless
Give me oil in my lamp
Isnt he wonderful
Standin in the need of Prayer
Hes got the whole world
Do Lord
Here is the church
Climb, Climb up sunshine mountain
Heavenly Sunshine
Praise the Lord Together
My God is so great
See the camel
Peace Like a river
Walking with Jesus
Mow I Lay
Father, we thank thee
God is so good
Im in the lords army
happy all the time
Gods Love
Oh, How I Love Jesus
Hallelu, Hallelu
Our Hands we Fold
I Love to take a walk
The Wind tells me
Rise and Shine
Down in my heart
Rejoice in the lord always